Sunday - May 06

Grand Hall

Pascale Criton: Recent Works


Pascale Criton : Recent Works

Pascale Criton    Bothsways, for violin and cello

Pascale Criton/Silvia Tarozzi  Circle Process, for violin

Pascale Criton    OUT, for ondes Martenot

Pascale Criton/Deborah Walker Chaoscaccia

Pascale Criton   New Work (World Premiere)

Silvia Tarozzi, violin,
Deborah Walker, cello
Nathalie Forget, ondes Martenot

Since the 1980s Pascale Criton has been exploring sound variability, microtunings and multisensory reception in her works.  In this set, her piece Bothsways is performed by regular collaborators Silvia Tarozzi (violin) and Deborah Walker (cello) whose co-authored (with Criton) works Circle Process and Chaoscaccia also employ instruments tuned to 1/16th of a tone.  They are joined by Nathalie Forget for a solo performance of OUT and for the World Premiere of a new work by Criton.