Dror Feiler

Dror Feiler is an eye-bleeding composer of intifadic and eruptive lung-outs. Music trasher, saxophone screamer and a political activist.  Born 1951 in Tel Aviv, Israel and living in Sweden since 1973. Plays the soprillo, sopranino, soprano, alto, tenor & contra bass saxophones. B-flat clarinet, basset horn, contra bass clarinet and operates computerized sound systems. Performed and recorded with several groups and solo in Sweden, Russia, Yugoslavia, Serbia, Bosnia, Croatia, Great Britain, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, Belarus, Ukraine, Lithuania, Latvia, Austria, Switzerland, France, Israel, Palestine, Holland, Hungary, Norway, Germany, France, Japan, Colombia, Mexico, U.S.A. Brazil, Colombia, and Argentina during the last 40 years. Founder (1976) of free music improvisation group LOKOMOTIV KONKRET.  Founder (1983) and artistic leader of THE TOO MUCH TOO SOON ORCHESTRA